St. Gabriel School
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Physical Education



PE-JumperSt. Gabriel School provides a comprehensive physical education program in which all students participate. St. Gabriel School has partnered with Rhythm and Moves, a local non-profit that provides physical education services to Bay Area schools.


Kindergarten through 2nd grades students participate in the program designed to improve gross motor skills twice a week. Grades 3 through 8 participate in P.E. once a PE
week. The program includes fitness and stretching, team-building exercises and organized competitions such as basketball and soccer.






Music is an important component in our goal for each student to achieve his/her religious, intellectual, social, psychological, aesthetic, and physical potential. Our program strives to instill a love of music and singing. Music is presented as something fun, meaningful and to be embraced. Students benefit as they engage in music individually and collaboratively.

Students in the younger grades are introduced to a wide range of popular and folk songs. Liturgical songs are incorporated into lessons when they support the religious curriculum or church holidays/seasons.MusicVanilla

Per the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), “music education equips students with the foundational abilities to learn, to achieve in other core academic subjects, and to develop the capacities, skills and knowledge essential for lifelong success.” In a day when many schools are cutting music programs to save costs, music is thriving at St. Gabriel.