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St. Gabriel School recognizes that technology is an integral part of our students’ lives. We are committed to integrating technology across the curriculum and offering a variety of technologies to support faculty, staff, and students’ needs.

St. Gabriel has a fully-equipped iMac technology lab overseen by our technology staff. All grade levels have weekly tech literacy classes led by one of the two technology teachers and supported by a full-time technology aide. Open lab times are also available for activities led by classroom teachers.

During weekly tech literacy classes, students learn to use latest technologies, such as, Google Apps for Education, 3D design/printing, Microsoft Office, and multimedia applications. They use learning programs/websites that reinforce skills taught in the classroom. Students also learn coding, and the important basics of proper computer use including computer etiquette, keyboarding skills, Internet research, and cyber safety.3AiPads

Teachers use classroom iPads to engage students in learning and enrich the core curriculum. Classrooms are equipped with interactive DLP projectors, document cameras, AirPlay-enabled presenter laptops, and student computer areas. The Kindergarten classroom has an iMac lab that functions as one of the classroom learning centers.

St. Gabriel School is fully-networked. Our facility includes campus-wide Wi-Fi and cable TV access. Our subscription to Catholic Teacher Resources allows teachers to use online subscription services for streaming video and core curriculum support. Students regularly use sites such as Mathletics, Reading A-Z, BrainPop, and Discovery Science to augment learning.

St. Gabriel School’s technology staff reviews high school technology expectations and explores new technologies, such as, programming mobile apps, to insure our program prepares our students for the next step in their education and in their lives.