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Religious Education Program

In combination with our Schoolwide Learning Expectations, St. Gabriel School’s religion curriculum is at the core of our religion program and grade level expectations. The religion curriculum expectations are an extension of the school philosophy and are seen in the Catholic identity of the school. St. Gabriel School’s philosophy focuses on the education of the whole child, and the religion curriculum supports this.

Through the religion program, students are challenged to learn about their
BlessingofAnimals faith and to make their faith personal. Students are encouraged to communicate and articulate their faith by planning and taking part in liturgies, talking in small groups and participating in class discussions. The school community strengthens faith experience by continuing to recognize and celebrate the individual and cultural differences within the school. Students not of the Catholic tradition are encouraged to share their faith and religious traditions.

Students are guided to develop good moral principles and to show justice and respect through conflict resolution techniques. To solve problems from a Christian perspective, students learn to apply Christian principals to everyday situations and are provided with many opportunities to apply Catholic teachings and ideas to their everyday lives. On a global level, they are asked to apply Catholic ideals to current event discussions. Locally, students at all grade levels participate in service projects allowing them to be actively involved.

Students act as lectors, ushers, hospitality ministers, altar servers, and music ministers at Sunday Masses. Students in grades 1-8  attend mass with parishioners once a week. In addition, students plan or participate in a monthly school Liturgy or prayer service. Students and their parents are involved in sacramental programs, such as First Communion and Reconciliation.

The pastor, principal, faculty, school and parish staff, and parents are actively involved in the spiritual life of school and act as role models for students.