St. Gabriel School
2550 41st Avenue • San Francisco CA 94116
Catholic Education since 1948


Junior High

Intermediate Grades 4-6

In the intermediate grades, students begin to give special attention to reasoning, logical thinking, writing, and research skills to help them become more independent learners. Projects are assigned which have several components such as a written report, illustrations, and models. These projects stimulate creativity while improving on writing and organizational skills.

  • Fourth graders study the history of California through a variety of projects and field trips.
  • Fifth grade students delve into a State project and biographies.
  • Sixth grade projects include the Science Fair and Country Projects.


Teaching continues to be partly departmentalized in subjects such as math, language arts, and social studies. Specialized instructors provide classes in
science, computer, music and P.E. Students also visit our fully-automated library weekly where they can use its resources for projects and more.

The Christian traditions of social awareness and Intermediate-Art_2personal responsibility receive special emphasis in the middle grades. In addition, volunteer and service opportunities, such as, student council, choral group, and altar service, become available.