St. Gabriel School
2550 41st Avenue • San Francisco CA 94116
Catholic Education since 1948


Junior High

Junior High Grades 7-8

In junior high, preparation for high school becomes a focus. In addition to specialized instruction in science, computer, music and P.E., junior high students experience working with five different teachers and change classrooms in core courses. Work in each area continues to emphasize reasoning and logical thinking as well as writing and research skills needed for success in high school.

Opportunities increase for students to develop leadership skills, broaden social awareness, and give service to the school, parish, and civic communities. Through a variety of in-class/extra-curricular activities, such as, student council, academic competitions, dramatic productions, and speech opportunities, students are able to develop leadership skills and grow in responsibility and self-confidence.

8thGrCaritasAt the beginning of the 8th grade year, students participate in a week-long environmental retreat program. This spiritual and environmental immersion program allows students to experience new challenges and new growth as individuals and as a group. The class bonds while learning about the young adults they are becoming.

Our 8th grade students go on to a variety of local high schools/college preparatory schools, including St. Ignatius College Prep, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, Lowell, the Mercys (San Francisco and Burlingame), Archbishop Riordan High School, Gateway, Burlingame High School, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Lick-Wilmerding High School, School of the Arts, ICA, Stuart Hall, University High, Washington, Lincoln.

St. Gabriel graduates are accepted into a wide range of colleges, such as the UC’s (e.g., Berkeley, UCLA, Santa Barbara, Davis, Irvine), Princeton, MIT, Santa Clara University, Boston University, New York University, Cal Poly, USF, Conservatory of Music, Manhattan College, Georgetown University, Gonzaga University, Creighton University, St. Mary’s, Loyola University, Regis University, DePaul University, CSU’s and city colleges.