St. Gabriel School
2550 41st Avenue • San Francisco CA 94116
Catholic Education since 1948



Junior High


St. Gabriel School's innovative, full-day kindergarten program offers a unique blend of core curriculum and enriching experiences in two classroom settings.


During core instruction, students discover the basic concepts in religion, reading, language arts, mathematics, and science through hands-on experiences. Learning centers using manipulative materials help to reinforce instruction in all subjects. A strong phonics skills program is at the core of the kindergarten reading program.

This classroom has its own computer mini-lab where students become comfortable with the computer keyboard and use a variety of educational software. Kindergartners also have weekly instruction in the school’s main computer lab, and in music. In addition, kindergartners participate twice a week in a motor skills program.

Kindergartners are also frequently provided opportunities to choose an activity including painting, play-doh, playhouse, blocks, games, drawing, music and stories. This important time for socialization encourages students to communicate, negotiate, and resolve conflicts with the teacher’s help.


Enriching sessions provide opportunities for children to deepen their learning experiences as they enjoy additional listening and comprehension activities, phonics and language arts exercises, music, arts and crafts, physical education, and other activities that develop creative expression. Science is also a component of our Kindergarten Enrichment Program. Kindergartners engage in hands-on learning in areas including plant biology, seed starting, plant propagation, worm composting, geology, and birds, frogs, turtles and bugs. In addition, they participate in hands-on activities in our student garden and during Healthy Me*. They continue to increase their social skills as they learn to cooperate, collaborate, and build friendships with one another. Children increase communication skills and confidence in speaking through "Show & Tell." There is outdoor play, and free and structured play.

Kindergarten students are divided into two classes. Each class participates in both the core curriculum and enriching sessions.

* Healthy Me lessons introduce students to different food groups, present the foods’ nutritional value, then offer samplings in that group. Some food groups samples include: dairy products such as cheese and yogurt; vegetables such as carrots, snap peas, broccoli and beets; fruit smoothies made with fresh pineapples, blueberries, raspberries, and bananas. Healthy Me encourages children to try different healthy foods and develop lifelong healthy eating habits.