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Student Learning Expectations

St. Gabriel Students are proud to


Loving, faith-filled individuals,
Active participants,
Responsible citizens,
Enthusiastic learners, and
Self-aware individuals

Our curriculum reflects the St. Gabriel School philosophy of developing the total child through a variety of educational activities. By acknowledging the uniqueness of each child, the staff helps students develop a positive self-image and a sense of self-discipline. Our Catholic educational environment values nurturing support and concern for others. Students are provided a place where they may feel safe, secure, and free to develop friendships, make discoveries, and experience success. They are encouraged to feel confident about their abilities and attempt new challenges.

In addition, all students participate in the religious education program as part of the classroom curriculum. Age appropriate activities emphasize the principles of the Catholic faith and provide the experience of a Christian community. Students in grades 1-8 attend mass with parishioners once a week. Students also plan or participate in a monthly school wide liturgy or prayer service as well as in service projects throughout the school year.

As students progress, each grade builds upon earlier learning and helps students continue to develop critical thinking, compassionate listening, creative problem-solving skills essential for their future success. Please explore our grade level curriculum in greater detail: