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Individual counseling

A part-time certified school counselor (MFT) is available to students and families to help with specific needs on a short term basis or make referrals for more extensive counseling. The counselor also serves as a resource for faculty and staff.

Students have confidential access to the counselor where areas of concern can be discussed. The counselor visits classrooms and also conducts small group and full class sessions.

Students can self-refer, parents can request assistance, or teachers can suggest students take advantage of the counseling services.


Bridges is a weekly support group for children who have experienced a life transition in the family, such as a death, divorce, or separation. The program has been at St. Gabriel for more than 20 years. Support groups are led by trained volunteer facilitators and are differentiated by age group. They are designed to help children understand they are not alone in their experiences. These small groups assist children in establishing a trusting relationship with one another. The students share concerns, journal in age-appropriate ways, play games, and draw pictures to understand and share their feelings around the challenges they face.