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School & Parent Boards

A Message from our Parent Chair

About the School & Parent Boards of St. Gabriel

The School Board is an advisory council of parent members and ex-officio school administration members. Its role is to provide strategic counsel, long-range planning advice and school operational support for the Administration.

The Parent Board is an elected body made of 9 parent board members and 4 ex-officio members consisting of the school principal, the church pastor and an administrative school assistant and the Parent Organization Bookkeeper.

Each membership term on the board is for a period of 3 years with the possibility of accepting a second term. Monthly board meetings allow parent members to provide thoughtful feedback and insights about the school and its activities to the administration of the school.

Throughout the school year, the Parent Board sponsors fun, engaging events designed to raise funds for our school while promoting social interaction between parents and students. Some examples of the many events sponsored by our board are the FUN RUN, Santa's Breakfast, Crab Dinner and Carnival.

Moderator: Rev. Thomas Hamilton
Principal: Gina Beal
Vice Principal:  Melissa Campos

School Board Officers

Jen Carr: ChairpersonSarah O'Neil: Vice ChairpersonGina Strauss: Recording Secretary
  • Jason Grimm
  • Jenni Harwood
  • Brendan Maloney
  • Travis O'Hara
  • Mike Osipoff
  • John Sadler

Parent Board Officers

Michelle Chu Rivadeneyra: Chairperson
Brandon Felkins: Vice Chairperson
Lisa Gelardi: TreasurerVivian Lian Lee: Recording Secretary
Nicole Ramirez: Corresponding Secretary
  • Alison Floyd
  • Chris Fong
  • Tara Hardesty
  • Jen Joost
  • Belinda Kensic: Faculty Representative
  • Maureen Calero: SGPO Liaison