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Fine Arts & Music

Arts Studio

Created to be creative! Art is fun and points us to God.

St. Gabriel's art program is designed to inspire and engage students, while teaching basic art principles and skills according to their developmental stages and archdiocese standards. Art lessons often connect with curriculum being taught in the classroom, with the belief that through the language of art and the act of creating, the student's understanding of content can be deepened and expanded. Students are exposed to art through the ages, diverse artists, different genres, and a variety of media including paints, pastels, and sculpture materials. Art is about exploration, expression and learning to communicate what is inside of us. We believe that every student is an artist and has the capacity to learn and grow in the arts.


Music is an important component in our goal for each student to achieve his/her religious, intellectual, social, psychological, aesthetic, and physical potential. Our program strives to instill a love of music and singing. Music is presented as something fun, meaningful and to be embraced. Students benefit as they engage in music individually and collaboratively.

Students in the younger grades are introduced to a wide range of popular and folk songs. Liturgical songs are incorporated into lessons when they support the religious curriculum or church holidays/seasons.

Mr. Fromer's Spring Concert 2021 - April 2021

Every student also sings with their grade for our Christmas Show orchestrated by the Broadway Knights. The 2020 Christmas Show - December 2020

Per the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), “music education equips students with the foundational abilities to learn, to achieve in other core academic subjects, and to develop the capacities, skills and knowledge essential for lifelong success.”

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