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Faculty & Staff



Co-Curricular Faculty

Resource and Counseling

Instuctional Aides

  • Corey Bostrom Corey Bostrom TK Teacher’s Aide/EC Aide
  • Jane Gibbons Jane Gibbons First Grade Teacher's Aide
  • Sabrina Le Sueur Sabrina Le Sueur First Grade Teacher’s Aide
  • Sylvia Martin Sylvia Martin Second Grade Teacher's Aide
  • Dina Visperas Dina Visperas Third Grade Teacher's Aide
  • Maria Jew Maria Jew Fourth Grade Teacher's Aide
  • Melanie Rubio-Pambid Melanie Rubio-Pambid Fifth & Sixth Grade Teacher’s Aide
  • Jason Farrell Jason Farrell Jr. High Teacher's Aide
  • Vickie Gomez Vickie Gomez Jr. High Teacher's Aide

Extended Care