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TK & Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten

St. Gabriel School now provides a Transitional Kindergarten designed to provide a two-year kindergarten program for students who are not yet five years old by September 1. This program allows St. Gabriel School to provide a modified, developmentally appropriate program for students. St. Gabriel School uses a Kinder Readiness Assessment rubric to appraise the skills and information required to show readiness for a kindergarten program. This program is offered in a Transitional Kindergarten classroom with a modified Kindergarten curriculum and is age and developmentally appropriate.


St. Gabriel (more than!) Kindergarten

Cultivating our youngest students is a privilege we cherish at St. Gabriel School. Our dedicated Kindergarten Teaching Team consists of two core curriculum teachers, Ms. Allison Zober & Mrs. Liz Dornan and two Associate Teachers, Mrs. Christina Kirk & Ms. Ann Gazzano. As a double-class Kindergarten, St. Gabriel can uniquely offer a robust Kindergarten program that offers your child a creative, “hands-on” opportunities to learn beyond the basics!

We offer a child-centered curriculum where children work towards mastery in foundational skills in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Afternoon enrichment instruction helps students deepen their learning experience and encourages them to make connections to each other and to the world outside their classroom.

Reading Proficiency

  • Letter and sound recognition
  • Sight words
  • Reading with fluency and expression
  • Blending letters into words

Science Topics

  • Weather
  • States of Matter
  • Animal and Plant life cycles

Math concepts

  • Counting 1:1 correspondence
  • Addition and subtraction up to 10
  • Measurements
  • Composing and decomposing numbers
  • Identifying and describing 2D and 3D shapes

Social Studies

  • Concepts of past and present ( holidays, traditions)
  • U.S. and California symbols, signs and meaning
  • Good Citizenship


  • Practice alphabet and numbers
  • Inventive spelling
  • Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) words and sight words


  • Learn Bible stories (Noah's Ark, Nativity, Creation)
  • Daily prayer
  • Participation in Special Masses and Church ceremonies (May Crowning)

Kindergarten Enrichment

St. Gabriel Kindergarteners are confident, creative and curious students who are eager to explore their world! Our unique enrichment program allows children to engage in activities that nurture their natural curiosity such as:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Gardening, Healthy Me, and other activities that develop creative expression
  • Science: hands-on learning in areas including plant biology, seed starting, plant propagation, worm composting, geology, and birds, frogs, turtles and bugs.
  • Social-emotional activities to facilitate collaboration and friendship-building.