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St. Gabriel At A Glance

Who we are

St. Gabriel School is a K-8 Catholic Parish elementary school serving San Francisco, the northern Peninsula, and southern coastal communities. Since our founding in 1948, we have been committed to providing an excellent Catholic elementary education focused of the development of the whole child where students grow through stimulating learning opportunities in the challenging yet supportive atmosphere of a Christian community


Our History

St. Gabriel was established as a parish school in 1948 amid sand dunes and newly constructed homes. The school started with four grades and a kindergarten and was staffed by Sisters of Mercy. Two classrooms were completed each year until a maximum of 24 classrooms was built. Over the next ten years, the school grew to peak school enrollment of 1200 students, all from the surrounding area, becoming the largest Catholic elementary school west of the Mississippi.


Today, St. Gabriel remains a large, Catholic elementary school with an enrollment of nearly 500 students and two classes in each grade. The average class size is 26. We serve primarily the Sunset District and also draw students from other areas of the City, northern Peninsula, and southern coastal communities. Our student body is also representative of the ethnic diversity of the Bay Area. Seventy percent of our students are Catholic.

Faculty and Staff

St. Gabriel’s faculty and staff consist of 18 classroom teachers all holding Elementary Credentials, one full-time science teacher, and two part-time computer teachers each having specialist credentials. Thirty-nine percent of the staff has advanced degrees or additional credentials. Support staff includes a religion coordinator, librarian, two part-time music teachers, a part-time counselor, a part-time learning specialist, one full time and one part-time resource teacher, an administrative assistant, a development director, an extended care director, an alumni coordinator, and 6 classroom aides.



Since our founding in 1948, St. Gabriel School has grown with the times. Today, our facility includes iPads, interactive LCD projectors with document cameras in every classroom; a fully-networked computer lab with 31 iMacs and a ceiling mounted projector with electric screen; a fully equipped Science Discovery Center with ceiling mounted projector and electric screen; two learning centers for small group instruction; an 8,000 volume fully automated library; a gymnasium/auditorium, an extended care facility; classroom computer stations; whiteboards in all classrooms; Internet access/Wi-Fi throughout the school.